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Who We Are


The North East CMA is responsible for coordinating integrated catchment management and sustainable land and water use in Victoria's North East.

The CMA assists in the development of regional natural resource management priorities. Our work in these areas is guided by the North East Regional Catchment Strategy, which is a twenty year strategy that sets the direction for investment in natural resource management across the region. We track and report our progress towards achieving Regional Catchment Strategy targets through an annual report on the condition and management of land & water resources. This report forms part of our Annual Report.

Our Board has extensive experience and knowledge of land protection, water resource management, primary industry, environmental conservation and local government. More than half are primary producers.



Neil McCarthy has over 30 years of experience in both national and international natural resource management. His qualifications include a Bachelor of Forest Sciences and a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Prior to taking up the position of Chief Executive Officer of the North East Catchment Management Authority, Neil was employed as General Manager with Parks Victoria where he oversaw a division providing policy and strategy, statewide program coordination and specialist advice to the Victorian Government. Neil was instrumental in establishing Parks Victoria in 1996 and in creating the concept of Healthy Parks Healthy People. 

Neil was the driving force behind the World Urban Parks initiative and is now Deputy Chair at the World Urban Parks. He is a regular keynote speaker regarding design legacy, park leadership and the need to rethink "parks".

Neil is a member of the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and is a member of the Melbourne Water Liveability Panel. Neil was the founding Chair of the Parks Forum and founding co-Chair for Parks For Life. 

In 2016, Neil was the second individual to be awarded the World Urban Parks Distinguished Individual Award for services to urban parks management, innovation and leadership.

Our Organisation

Our Organisation

There are three main units that operate within our organisation: Leadership and Strategy; Natural Resource Management Delivery; and Business Services

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Our Board

Our Board members have extensive experience and knowledge of land protection, water resource management, primary industry, environmental conservation and local government.

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The North East CMA has responsibilities under several Victorian Acts including the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994, Water Act 1989, Protected Disclosures Act 2012, Freedom of Information Act 1982 and several others. The Minister has issued a Statement of Obligations under each of these Acts. These set out the CMA's responsibilities under each Act.

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Customer Service Charter

Customer Service Charter

The North East Catchment Management Authority recognises that it needs to provide quality customer service in order to be an effective leader and facilitator. Statements of Obligations for the Catchment and Land Protection (CaLP) Act 1994 and the Water Act 1989 guide our activities.

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