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Customer service charter

The North East Catchment Management Authority's values and guiding principles form the basis of our customer service standards.

RLF News

The January 2015 News update by the Regional Landcare Facilitators is available.

Victorian CMA's Actions and Achievements Report 2013-14

This Report highlights the practical actions delivered with Victorian Government funding in partnership with Catchment Management Authorities, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Parks Victoria, water authorities, regional communities, local government, businesses and landholders. 

The Actions and Achievements Report 2013/14 demonstrates the ongoing achievements of this partnership and shows the broad range of activities undertaken across Victoria’s catchments to improve the environmental condition of Victoria’s waterways, land and biodiversity.

The report includes case studies from each region to demonstrate the variety of projects underway across Victoria. These projects are improving the environmental condition of Victoria’s waterways, land and biodiversity.

These achievements have all been delivered through Victorian Government funding and coordinated by the 10 Catchment Management Authorities.

Recreational Fishing Grants Program 2014-2015

The Recreational Fishing Grants Program is an annual program that reinvests revenue raised from the sale of Recreational Fishing Licences to projects that will improve recreational fishing in Victoria.

To ensure the highest quality applicants for these grants, the North East CMA encourages groups to read through the guidelines and then get in touch via one of the Catchment Coordintors who are available to assist with technical advice, industry contacts or possible partners with similar interests. 

We Have Moved

The North East CMA Wodonga office has now moved.  Our office location is now Level 1, 104 Hovell Street.  All other contact details remain the same.