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2015-16 Event Funding Program is NOW OPEN in the Alpine Shire

The Alpine Shire Council has set aside funds to provide financial assistance to event organisers in the 2015-16 financial year. The funding is available in the form of sponsorship or logistical support. Any event organiser seeking Council assistance to stage an event in the Alpine Shire is encouraged to submit an application, including those only requesting logistical or in-kind support. Go to the Alpine Shire Council website for further information.

Customer service charter

The North East Catchment Management Authority's values and guiding principles form the basis of our customer service standards.

Victorian CMA's Actions and Achievements Report 2013-14

This Report highlights the practical actions delivered with Victorian Government funding in partnership with Catchment Management Authorities, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Parks Victoria, water authorities, regional communities, local government, businesses and landholders. 

The Actions and Achievements Report 2013/14 demonstrates the ongoing achievements of this partnership and shows the broad range of activities undertaken across Victoria’s catchments to improve the environmental condition of Victoria’s waterways, land and biodiversity.

The report includes case studies from each region to demonstrate the variety of projects underway across Victoria. These projects are improving the environmental condition of Victoria’s waterways, land and biodiversity.

These achievements have all been delivered through Victorian Government funding and coordinated by the 10 Catchment Management Authorities.

Flood History - Snapshot


A look back at a flood tragedy in North East Victoria - six lives lost at Wangaratta, June 14th 1917


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