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Victorian Landcare Grants

These grants are delivered through the North East CMA, including administration of reporting.  

Please note that the reporting requirements have changes, as have the final report forms.  The final report form is now primarily an expenditure report, with the majority of the project activities detail provided through the Spatial Mapping Portal.

Please use only these report forms below, not the older forms.

Final reporting templates available include:

NE Victorian Landcare Grant - Project Report Form

NE Victorian Landcare Grant - Maintenance or Start Up Report Form

2017-18 Project Work Plan and Agreement Form

To complete your group's project work plan, please refer to the

2017-18 North East Victorian Landcare Grants Guidelines

Mapping of on ground works.

It is a condition of funding that all on ground works delivered through the Grants are required to be mapped using the CMA Mapping Portal.  The mapping now provides the majority of the report content.

Note that guidelines require all on ground and funded activities to be mapped, including events and publications.

If your group is not yet using this system, please contact us to request access and training to enable this recording.

Please use the Contact Us form to request more information.