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Landcare Trailer Hire Agreement Form

Once your group booking for the Landcare Trailer has been confirmed, a group representative will be required to complete the following Hire Agreement Form.

The information provided in this form will constitute an agreement between the CMA and the group.  The group must be aware of and accept the Conditions of Hire, with a plain english summary below.  The term of the agreement commences upon collection by the group representative from the CMA depot, and ends upon return to the CMA depot.

The Agreement form is below the Conditions Summary.

Conditions of Hire - Plain English Summary

Please note that there are key conditions that must be met to enable the CMA to hire the Landcare Trailer, most of which are specified in the following Schedule. By completing the Hire Agreement Form, the group accepts these conditions.

  •  The trailer hire fee ($33 per day/event inc GST)
  •  While the group hires the trailer, the group is fully responsible for the trailer and contents during that period
  •  Group is responsible for organising the trailer collection and return to CMA depot
  •  The group MUST be incorporated and their insurance paid up to date for the current financial year. (Check with your insurer prior to booking).
  •  Any loss of equipment, damage, breakages, or injuries as a result of the use of the trailer are the responsibility of the hiring group (that’s why your group must be insured)
  •  If food is to be provided or cooked using the trailer, you must be aware of the requirements for community groups. Go to Health Victoria Food Safety for information on this.
  • If the food is to be given away, permits are not required from council, but it is recommended that you comply with food safety rules.
  • If food is to be sold from the trailer, group must have council permit, and abide by Food Safety rules.

Additional conditions:

  • All food and consumables are the responsibility of the hiring group to supply, and food safety rules complied with
  • If the BBQ is used, this must be cleaned prior to return
  • There are limited plates, cups and cutlery supplied, if you need more you must supply any additional sets, ie disposable
  • All contents and utensils must be cleaned and packed away after use
  • All rubbish must be removed and managed by the group
  • If something is not working or damaged, group must report this to the CMA as soon as identified.   

If your group is prepared to accept these conditions, please complete the form below.