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The following videos, available via our YouTube Channel provide information regarding Deer management on public as well as private land (within the Alpine Landscape) as well as policy and science implications. The presentations were recorded at the 2016 Innovation in Landscape Conservation forum:


A pilot study examining the ecological and human dimensions of wild deer management, Nariel Valley Victoria

North East CMA is pleased to provide access to the following thesis by Francesca Bowman. You can download Francesca Bowman's thesis here: Francesca Bowman Honours Thesis (pdf 4.27MB)

 Victoria Police presentation

The following pdf is a copy of the presentation provided to the Hume Regional Deer forum by Victoria Police on 31 November 2016. This presentation is a reflection of the activities that were conducted in the North East Victoria around deer hunting related incidents.


You can download the presentation here:Abridged Firearms Hunting in Alpine PSA Nov 2016 (pdf 1.3MB) 

North East CMA submission and presentation to the 2016 Parliamentary inquiry into the control of invasive animals on Crown land


You can download the submission here: North East CMA Parliamentary inquiry submission (pdf 528KB)

You can download the presentation here: North East CMA Parliamentary inquiry presentation (pdf 1.9MB)

Access to all submissions made, from across Victoria, can be accessed via Parliament of Victoria's website here.

Useful Links

Game Management Authority: http://www.gma.vic.gov.au/

Game Management Authority App: http://www.gma.vic.gov.au/education/better-hunting/game-hunting-app

Parks Victoria: http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/visit/popular-activities/hunting

Australian Deer Association: http://www.austdeer.com.au/

Sporting Shooters Association of Australia: https://ssaa.org.au/