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What is NOT a CMA issue and what you should do?

The CMA is funded to deliver specific State and Federal Government projects. It does not have resourcing to respond to non-CMA issues. This page has been developed to provide the correct contact information for you to report issues directly to the correct agency.


Examples of non-CMA issues

  • Issues on public land (i.e. Crown frontage camping, native vegetation removal, Crown water frontage licences). DELWP (refer to Crown land water frontage

  • Trees on fence lines - if this is Crown land - DELWP or if a managed reserve, your local council.
  • Instream vegetation (reeds and rushes): Waterway-Veg-Fact-Sheet-Instream-veg-FINAL-May19.pdf
  • Riverbank erosion impacting on private infrastructure (ie. Private pump site). This is the responsibility of the asset owner to protect and any works will require a Works on Waterway Permit.
  • Riverbank erosion impacting on public infrastructure (roads/bridges/boat ramps etc). This is the responsibility of the asset owner (eg. local council or Regional Roads Victoria).
  • Stock and domestic water licensing (including dam) enquiries / issues (refer to Goulburn Murray Water).
  • Potable water issues (North East Water).
  • Rubbish in waterways – local council or EPA for pollution events
  • Fish Deaths - EPA


  • EPA Pollution Hotline (including fish deaths) 1300 372 842
  • North East Water: 1300 361 622
  • Goulburn Murray Water: 1800 103 357
  • Regional Roads Victoria: 133 778
  • Victoria State Emergency Service (Emergency Calls): 132 500  
  • VicRoads - Traffic Hazard Reporting and Advisory Service: 131 170