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Past projects

North East Incentives

North East Incentives

Assistance is available through a range of Australian and Victorian Government funded programs to help landholders and community groups undertake works to protect and enhance waterways, woodlands and wetlands in the North East Catchment Management Authority region of Victoria.

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Alpine Sphagnum Bogs and Associated Fens

This project focuses on the health and resilience of the Alpine Sphagnum Bogs and associated Fens community and surrounding Montane Landscapes.

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Northern Eco-Connections

The Northern Eco-Connections project supports landholders to improve and protect native vegetation on private land, focusing on improving connections and linkages across the diverse landscapes of northern Victoria.

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This project has developed a prototype furnace that is capable of producing several tonnes of Biochar a day, on farm, out of wood based waste streams with the use of predominantly existing farm machinery and skills. Parallel to the development of this technology has been an in depth investigation into Biochar characterisation, emission testing, life cycle analysis and an exploration into possible end-uses for the resulting char

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River Tender

River Tender is an auction style incentive program helping landholders take practical steps to protect the environmental health of one of Victoria's most significant rivers - the Ovens

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Threatened Grassy Woodlands Project

The North East CMA delivered projects to Improve Landscape Scale Conservation of Threatened Grassy Woodland Ecosystems.

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2010 Flood Response

The Victorian Government has allocated $8.7 million in Flood Recovery funding to assist eligible north east landholders affected by floods. The North East CMA has mapped out priority areas for restoration works across the region according to the Victorian Government’s Flood Recovery funding criteria and will continue to deliver Flood Recovery as a priority program until June 2013.

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NRM Planning for Climate Change

The Strategy is designed for people who work in natural resource management and as a resource for the broader, north east, community.

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Sustainable Agriculture

The Sustainable Agriculture project aims to increase the knowledge and skills of landholders to make changes to management practices.

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Threatened Species

This project implements recovery actions for three EPBC listed species – Regent Honeyeater, Macquarie Perch and Swainsona recta.

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Woodlands and Wetlands

This project aims to build the capacity for landholders to protect and manage Nationally Significant Assets in the North East Victoria.

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Statewide Aboriginal Landcare Facilitator

This program will build the on capacity of Landcare groups and networks to engage with the Aboriginal community in all nine regions across Victoria.

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Flood Recovery

This page provides information on the North East CMA's response to the flooding that occurred throughout the North East in Winter/Spring of 2016.

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