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Further resources and general information

Update on Ausnet restoration of services

Ausnet has advised they are currently working around the clock to restore power to fire impacted communities. As conditions have permitted, teams have begun restoring power to many communities. If you have lost power the following provides a response to common RFQs. Click here to download the flyer.

Working in bushfire areas

CFA has developed a new online bushfire safety awareness course for people who work in high risk bushfire areas. It includes interactive content and videos and it takes approximately 45 to 50 minutes to complete, including a short sign in process. Click here to complete the online course.

Fire clean up safety

If you’re in a fire impacted area and have begun the clean up it is important to note that fire damaged buildings and properties can pose unique and unexpected risks to those who undertake clean-up and recovery operations. Planning and preparation are vital to determine the safest method for the required work. Before commencing any clean-up activities on fire-affected properties Worksafe is encouraging everyone to take time to fully assess the risks of each task and how best to remove or mitigate those risks. There’s are tonne of great, practical resources here.

Landcare Fire Recovery Resources

The Landcare website provides access to practical information for landowners recovering from fire, including livestock, pasture and soils, farm water and more. Click here to go to the website.

Farm water quality

Livestock need a sufficient and reliable supply of unpolluted water. For information on protecting and determining the quality of farm water supplies, watch the following video.