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Our Organisation

North East Catchment Management Authority

There are three main units that operate within the North East CMA:

1. Natural Resource Management Delivery

The North East region of Victoria supplies 38% of the total surface water for the Murray Darling Basin, despite forming only 2% of the total land area. This water resource is critical for agribusiness, industry, town water supply and environmental flows in the Murray River. Our Natural Resource Management Manager Unit oversees the team that look after river health, water quality, water resources, floodplain, Waterwatch, biodiversity and land functions of the organisation. It broadly covers the operational role of North East CMA.

2. Leadership and Strategy

While the North East CMA is responsible for developing the Regional Catchment Strategy, its implementation is largely achieved through the strong partnerships we have developed with public and private land managers, water authorities, local government, Landcare and other government and semi-government authorities. This unit manages the strategic planning, investment planning, community relationships, Landcare and Advisory Committee functions.

3. Business Services

The North East CMA believes in the importance of providing a safe working environment and investing in our people and the systems they use. This unit manages the financial, health and safety, vehicles, human resources, information technology and communication functions of the organisation.

For more information download a copy of the North East Catchment Management Authority organisational chart here:

NECMA Organisational Chart