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There are many information sources to help you identify plants that may be weeds, including reference books and specialists.

The Agriculture Victoria website www.agriculture.vic.gov.au has many resources on pest plant management. Those most relevant include:

Another useful National resource for weed information and management is the (Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water) Weeds in Australia website https://www.dcceew.gov.au/environment/invasive-species/weeds, which includes:

  • the Australian Weeds Strategy 2017-2027, owned by the Environment and Invasives Committee, providing national guidance on weed management.
  • the Arrive Clean, Leave Clean guidelines to help prevent the spread of invasive plant diseases and weeds threatening our native plants, animals and ecosystems.
  • how to choose safe plants for our gardens that will not escape into bushland and become invasive. Visit Grow Me Instead.

The Weeds Australia website www.weeds.org.au also has some information on weed identification and management including:

If you need further help to identify a weed, you can share photos to plant identification groups on Facebook:

A new national website and mobile app called WeedScan (now in prototype) will be available in April 2023 to help you to identify priority weeds from photos, make records and access management information.

Once you have identified the plant as a weed, you will find useful resources to help manage that weed on our Solutions page Get Help to Manage Weeds.