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Stock containment resources

Stock containment is an ongoing growth sector in most farm systems, focused on drought management, as well as the protection of waterways related to erosion and water quality. Here are links to Agriculture Victoria resources that follow best practice.

Overall technical information

Stock containment areas for emergencies

This Agriculture Victoria page includes:

  • Stock containment areas
  • Benefits of containing stock
  • Stock containment area requirements
  • Location
  • Other issues
  • Stock containment area checklist

Case studies

Stock containment areas at Woodstock West

Lachlan Ralton is a sheep and cropping farmer at Woodstock West in central Victoria. He talks about stock containment areas on his property.

Stock containment areas at Wooroonook

Trever Roberts is a farmer at Wooroonook. He talks about stock containment on his property.

Feeding Livestock

Focus on - Stock Containment Areas webinar

Webinar resources 

Focus on - Soil test interpretation

Webinar resources

Soil sampling video

Information on GrazFert

Focus on - Applying Nutrients

Webinar resources

Bale weights