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Corporate Plan

The North East CMA is required to develop a Corporate Plan under sections 19C & 19D of the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994.

The Corporate Plan is an important communication mechanism between the CMA and the Victorian Government informing them of the important developments, issues and activities pertinent to the North East Victorian region.

The information provided in the Corporate Plan outlines the CMA's:

  • business objectives;
  • main business undertakings;
  • nature and scope of activities; and
  • performance measures.

It is a strategic guidance document that is important:

  • externally, to provide transparency to our community, the government and other stakeholders; and
  • internally, to provide clarity and focus for our management and staff.


Download the North East CMA Corporate Plan 2020-25

Download the Executive Summary of the North East CMA Corporate Plan 2020-25