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Pest Plant Management

Invasive weeds (pest plants) are one of the most serious threats to Australia's environment and primary production.  They displace native species, contribute significantly to environmental degradation, and reduce farm productivity. Weeds do not respect boundary fences, so lack of management can impact neighbours and beyond.  Some weeds can be toxic to livestock and people.


Get help to manage weeds


Weed management on private land is generally considered a landholder responsibility, unless the species is identified as a State Prohibited Weed.


This means that you will mostly need to manage your own weeds.  Once you have identified your weeds, the management options are listed with key species.


Some Landcare Groups and Networks have spray equipment available for hire to members.  Contact your Local Landcare Group for information, or use the Contact Us form to request contacts.


Identify a Weed

There are many information sources to help you identify plants that may be weeds, including reference books and specialists.

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