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Food Policy & Strategy Discussion Paper

North East Victoria Local Government Food Policy & Strategy Discussion Paper

How we grow, process, distribute, consume and dispose food are all part of our food system. These processes affect food accessibility, our environment, the local economy and our health. We all influence the food system through what we choose to eat and where we obtain it. The food system also influences the way that we eat through the types of food that are available to us, their cost and the way food is marketed.

In August 2015, a North East Victoria Food Policy working group was formed to develop a discussion paper to explore opportunities for local governments in our region to develop food policy and strategies that will benefit our communities and environment. The working group was a unique collaboration between Alpine Health, Beechworth Health Service, Beechworth Urban Landcare and Sustainability Group, City of Wodonga, Gateway Health, Indigo North Health, North East Catchment Management Authority, North East Health, and Upper Murray Health & Community Services.

The Discussion Paper aims to:

  • Present an overview of food system issues in the North East region, relating to the production, processing, distribution, consumption and disposal of food. These issues include:
    - Increasing numbers of people accessing emergency food relief 
    - High and increasing rates of overweight and obesity 
    - Pressures on agricultural production such as reduced profitability, climate variability, shifting demographics and regulation
  • Highlight opportunities for local government food policy and strategy to support a thriving regional food system.
  • Provide a call to action for local governments in the North East region to develop food policy and strategy and, if possible, work together collaboratively on this.

Download the Discussion Paper
(pdf file)

The Discussion Paper was presented to representatives from Alpine, Indigo, Wangaratta and Wodonga councils, as well as Albury City Council and TAFCO farmer’s co-operative, on June 28 2016. Some great conversation about current local government initiatives and potential collaborative approaches to strengthen our regional food system, followed the presentation.

This project was supported by the North East Catchment Management Authority, with funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme.

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