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Resources for Schools

School Environment Education Directory

In 2007 the School Environment Education Directory (SEED) North East was established to provide teachers, educators and environment staff easy access to information on curriculum related environmental sustainability for North East Victoria.  The North East Catchment Management Authority hosted the website from its inception until August 2011 when it developed its own site.

We also deliver and support natural resources management training opportunities, including the annual Wise Waterways Conference and topical field days.

Information about curriculum resources for schools can be found on the SEED website.

Are you a student considering a career in agriculture?

There are many opportunities to pursue a career in agriculture including both on and off farm. Some examples include soil science, agronomy, research, farm worker or manager. Agriculture is more than you think with robotics, drones, research, genetics, plant and animal science all being critical components in a growing industry.  Find out more by reading case studies of local people working in agriculture and kick start your career by downloading a copy of the Careers in Agriculture Resource Guide (10MB pdf).

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has developed a set of Education Materials and school resources around careers in Primary Industries. See their website for full details: http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/education-and-training/school-resources

Student Environment Day, Wangaratta, Photo by Simon Dallinger 2014