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What IS a CMA issue and how do I report it?

Examples of CMA issues:

  • A site of prior CMA investment is damaged or under threat (eg. pile fields, rock beaching)


  • Debris in the waterway impacting of waterway health (eg. tree blocking river)

Find out more here: Managing vegetation in and around waterways (necma.vic.gov.au)


  • General river health issues

More information on waterways reporting

Are you wanting to undertake works on a waterway? Click here for more information on how to obtain a Works on Waterway permit from North East CMA.

Click here for more information on the role of the North East CMA.

Report waterway issues

You can now report water issues to the North East CMA. This app allows you to take a photo of the issue which is georeferenced and sent to North East CMA, together with your description of the issue.

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