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Facts & figures

The main industries in North East Victoria are agriculture (dairy, beef, lamb, wool, cropping and horticulture), forest products, tourism, value-added processing industries and manufacturing. These industries contribute an estimated $3.24 billion every year to the State's economic wealth.

Major water storages (at capacity)

Dartmouth Dam 3,906,400 megalitres
Lake Buffalo 24,000 megalitres
Lake William Hovell 13,500 megalitres
Hume Weir 3,038,000 megalitres
Rocky Valley Dam 29,110 megalitres

North East Victoria - a snapshot

Population 102,000
Area 1,957,000 hectares
Public land 55%
Length of streams 10,602 kms
Water supply Region provides 38% of total water to the Murray Darling Basin