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There are more than 700 Landcare groups in Victoria, and around 4000 across Australia. The North East has close to 2000 memberships or 3000 people involved in Landcare. (FTLA, 2013).  In addition, there are over 500 other community based groups in Victoria, including Friends groups.

The Landcare movement is a major contributor to the achievement of our Regional Catchment Strategy outcomes with over 55 Landcare and related community groups and 5 Landcare Networks operating in the region.

Details on each Landcare Group or Network in the region, their activities and events, can be found on the North East Landcare Gateway. However most groups do not have their contact details published, so if you wish to contact your local Landcare group, please fill in the form on the Contact Us page and indicate your locality.

The North East CMA provides support to Landcare groups in the region in line with the

North East Community NRM Support Plan

The CMA collates and publishes a Landcare Report Card, which provides a summary of the community and environmental achievements of Landcare and related community groups across the region.

See the latest Landcare Report Cards here.