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Pest Plants & Animals

Pest Plant and Animal Management

Invasive weeds (pest plants) and invasive animals (pest animals) are some of the most serious threats to Australia's environment and primary production.  

Invasive species displace native species, contribute significantly to environmental degradation, and reduce farm productivity. Pests do not respect boundary fences, so lack of management can impact neighbours and beyond.

There is a range of information in the pages below on Pest Plant and Pest Animal identification and Management.

News & Events For Pest Plants & Animals

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Pest Plant Management

Weeds or pest plants are a perennial issue for land owners and managers. Thankfully there are many information resources to assist you to identify, plan and manage weeds.

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Pest Animal Management

Invasive animals threaten and impact farms, parks and forests, waterways and biodiversity. Their presence impacts widely on our environment and economy and the animals themselves may indirectly pose threats to human health, amenities and cause a number of social issues.

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