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Landscape Condition Report 2015-16

Implementing the Regional Catchment Strategy
Monitoring and Responding to Catchment Condition Trends

Catchment Condition Indicators

In response to recommendations from the Victorian Auditor General in 2014, DELWP and the Victorian Catchment Management Authorities jointly developed an improved framework for catchment condition and management reporting. This new framework includes an agreed set of catchment condition indicators. While indicators are still being refined, North East CMA has adopted this framework for 2015-16 reporting. We will continue to collect data and monitor catchment condition indicators annually with a view to improving understanding of trends in the catchment and identifying opportunities for adapting and changing.

In North East Victoria there are four applicable catchment condition indicator themes: waterways; biodiversity; land; and community. For the assessment against each catchment condition indicator theme there is an explanation of the theme, a regional assessment of catchment condition, reasons in support of the assessment, and a relevant case study.

Download the report here:

North East Regional Catchment Strategy: Landscape Condition Report 2015-16 (Pdf 4.4MB)