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Flood Recovery


The North East catchment has been significantly impacted by flood events in October and November 2022. Please read this page for recovery information.


Flood Update May 2023

Waterways Recovery

See this flyer for further details regarding natural disaster recovery for waterways in Victoria: Information For Landholders And Community

Please note: Catchment Management Authorities do not have a role in assessing or remediating impacts to private land (including frontages) or private assets. 

Works on Waterways Permit

Individuals who wish to undertake works to address non-emergency flood-related damage to private property or assets (e.g. debris removal or access crossings related work) need to apply for, and be issued with, a Works on Waterways Permit.

Click here for information: Works on waterways (necma.vic.gov.au)

Please be aware the North East CMA is responding to a large number of applications at this time and will endeavour to address applications as soon as possible.

If you require further information related to a Works on Waterways Permit, please telephone North East CMA on 1300216 513 or email planning@necma.vic.gov. au

Water Quality and Dissolved Oxygen Levels

Floodwaters continue to cause water quality issues in rivers and creeks across the North East catchment.

Information on water quality and dissolved oxygen levels in some waterways is now available.

There is also information on what is dissolved oxygen and how it's measured, what is blackwater, what is low-oxygen blackwater, how does low oxygen blackwater affect aquatic animals, and what we can do. Click here

Useful Links

The following links to government agencies may also be useful in flood recovery: