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Seeking comments about Sustainable Irrigation

The North East Catchment Management Authority is seeking feedback from the community and other stakeholders to guide the renewal of the North East Sustainable Irrigation Plan (the Plan).

The Plan will set strategic direction and identify activities to enable sustainable irrigation in the North East catchment area.

A discussion paper (click here) has been developed using information from a recent electronic survey of irrigators, existing data and discussions with Agriculture Victoria, Goulburn-Murray Water and the Department of Land, Water and Environment (DELWP).

Project Manager Brooke Hermans from the North East CMA said “Through the release of the discussion paper we hope to get community and stakeholder input early and to ensure the Plan, when released, is accurate and reflects local priorities.”

“We want to ensure that all stakeholders who are interested in or affected by the outcomes of the Plan are given the opportunity to have input.”

Comments on the discussion paper close on 26 October 2018. A further period of public consultation is scheduled in early 2019 when a full draft of the North East Sustainable Irrigation Plan is released.

Irrigators can also still add their own information and priorities through an online survey which has been re-opened for people who haven’t already participated.  This can be accessed by visiting https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NorthEastSIP.

Sustainable Irrigation Plans, also called Land and Water Management Plans (LWMP), are regionally developed plans that set out the objectives and actions to support sustainable irrigation.  They are the building blocks for ensuring government and community efforts are aligned and funds are used effectively. They have a community and irrigator focus; recognise the importance of both farm productivity and sustainability; and help align decision making by local agencies and local, regional and state land and water managers.

The North East Sustainable Irrigation Plan will provide a platform for cross-agency and industry engagement and will be used as a guiding document for land and water management programs by a range of agencies including North East CMA, Goulburn-Murray Water, the Environmental Protection Authority, DELWP and Agriculture Victoria, all of whom play a role in implementation of the Plan.

The Victorian Government’s Sustainable Irrigation Program utilises the North East Sustainable Irrigation Plan to guide investment for programs generally related to improved practices on irrigated land including salinity and nutrient management in the region.

This project is a component of the Sustainable Irrigation Futures Initiative (SIFI) partnership between the DELWP Sustainable Irrigation team and its delivery partners which include the North East CMA and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources.


Download the discussion paper as a PDF

Fact sheet for commenting on the discussion paper