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Current projects

There's a lot happening in our backyard!

The North East Catchment Management Authority wants to protect and enhance our region's precious land, water and biodiversity resources for current and future generations.

The heartbeat of our work is supporting community-led practice change. That's why we encourage new ideas, share research and solutions, promote innovation, help people and groups to connect, and identify funding opportunities that can help to protect and enhance land, water and biodiversity in our catchment.


Mountain Pygmy-possum recovery in the Victorian Alps

By 2023, this project aims to have contributed to stabilising or increasing the population of the endangered Mountain Pygmy-possum in all its North Eastern habitats.

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Bush for Birds

Landscape-scale habitat restoration for the Regent Honeyeater and Swift Parrot in North East Victoria.

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Cross regional Alpine Peatlands protection project

Alpine Peatlands, or Alpine Sphagnum Bogs and Associated Fens, are the focus of a new five-year project that serves to protect and increase the abundance of these unique environments.

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Building Indigenous community capacity

This project works with the Indigenous community of North East Victoria to build capacity for involvement in natural resource management.

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Flood Investigation

This project is reviewing and revising current flood mapping for Wangaratta urban waterways and updating flood intelligence for emergency response.

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The Lower Ovens Floodplain

The lower reach of the Ovens River in Victoria is a little-known gem of the Murray-Darling Basin. The only major floodplain in the southern Basin with a natural flooding and drying regime, the Lower Ovens effectively takes care of itself, contributing clean, filtered water to the Murray River.

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Mitta Mitta Channel Capacity Program

North East CMA project officers are working with the community to address concerns about erosion issues caused by high level flow releases from Dartmouth Dam.

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Mitta Mitta River Rehabilitation Project

This project will improve in-stream habitat in the Mitta Mitta River to boost survival rates and provide better spawning opportunities for native species.

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Regional Landcare Facilitator

Regional Landcare Facilitators coordinate and provide support for a diversity of community events such as forums, field days and training opportunities.

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Regional Landcare Support

This project works in conjunction with Catchment Coordinators, Regional Landcare Facilitator & other staff to support Landcare and community groups.

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Tri-State Murray NRM Regional Alliance

The Murray NRM Alliance is working along the River Murray corridor to grow the economy, secure the environment and motivate and inspire the community.

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