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Mitta Mitta Channel Capacity Program

North East CMA project officers are working with the community to address concerns about erosion issues caused by high level flow releases from Dartmouth Dam. Using a mix of responsive and proactive approaches the North East CMA responds to landholder requests for assistance about issues like active erosion to outside bends, blockages and threats to existing works through on ground works. More large scale works are being entered into allowing for a greater level of riparian areas to be fenced and re-vegetated.

10 year management agreements are available for larger scale works, such as willow removal, fencing and re-vegetation works, these agreements give landholders greater “ownership” of works, thereby allowing long term effectiveness of works on sites.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Broughton (Project Officer)
Phone:    02 6043 7691
Email:     michael.broughton@necma.vic.gov.au

This project maintains and enhances the health of Biodiversity while working within the Agriculture and Forest Landscapes, as defined in the North East Regional Catchment Strategy