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Tea Garden Creek Weir Project

Rock ramp fishway at Tea Garden Weir

Rock ramp fishways are commonly used for barriers less than two metres in height and are typically constructed of angular quarry rock and strategically placed concrete baffles.  The fishway slope and gap between rocks influence the discharge of the fishway, along with the internal turbulence and water velocity which controls the species and size-range of fish able to pass. Rock ramps also have interstitial spaces, capable of passing other aquatic fauna (e.g., turtles and invertebrates).  

Full width rock ramp fishway on the Ovens River, Sydney Weir, Wangaratta

The fishway at Tea Garden Weir has been designed in two separate but joined segments involving: 

  • Construction of a 50m long x 10m wide partial width rock ramp upstream of the weir. 
  • Construction of a 32m full width rock ramp downstream of the weir. 
  • Rock placement between 250mm – 500mm to allow passage for small and large bodied fish.

 The Tea Garden Creek Weir at Markwood.


Tea Garden Project Steering Group members:

  • Tea Garden Weir Irrigation Users Group