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Resources for Landcare and Community Groups

There are a variety of information and other resources for Landcare and community groups, to assist groups to plan, operate, and deliver activities.  The following is a summary of some of these resources.

Riparian Areas Ovens

Caring for our rivers and valleys

Report Templates

Templates for NE Landcare Grant Reports, including Maintenance or Project Grants.

CMA Mapping Portal Guides

A key system for planning and reporting works delivered as part of the grants is via the CMA Mapping Portal. Groups need to be provided a login to access or use this. User Guides for this Portal are available for use or download via the link above.

Occupational Health and Safety Management Plan for North East Groups

This Management Plan and toolkit includes a full series of template forms for group plans and common group activities. This was developed by the Goulburn Broken CMA and modified for North East Groups, updated in 2018.

Landcare Notes: Managing a Successful Group

The Landcare Note series covers a range of topics to help form and manage effective groups. The link above is to a page listing the Notes, which are published on the Victorian Landcare Gateway Resources page.

Landcare Flier Templates

These templates have been provided to assist Landcare groups in creating professional-style fliers for their local events. The templates are in Word format and all content can be edited, re-arranged or re-sized to suit your needs. Additional images or text boxes can also be inserted, including group logo.

Logo Files

Copies of logos and guides for groups wanting to or required to use CMA or Victorian Landcare Program logos for fliers and other publications.

Designing Effective Signage

This is a short fact sheet outlining key considerations and tools to consider when designing signage for community projects or sites.

Engaging New Ways - References and Further Reading

In 2016 a partnership between Rural City of Wangaratta and the CMA delivered a forum on Engaging New Ways  which introduced new ideas for Landcare and community groups to build on and help promote group activities.  Ideas included Intrepid Landcare, Geocaching, QR Codes, Hashtags and online tours.

This document provides a summary and references to these ideas from the presentations at the forum.