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Drought Resilience Self-Assessment Tool (DR.SAT)

After consultations with users in farming regions across Australia, the Future Drought Fund’s Drought Resilience Self-Assessment Tool (DR.SAT) now has new and improved functionality!

This is the fourth release of the Drought Resilience Self-Assessment Tool (DR.SAT).

DR.SAT is a free online climate tool co-developed with farmers and agricultural advisors to support decision-making and response to drought and a changing climate.

It brings together satellite data, climate projections, and links to resources that support healthy land, financial wellbeing and physical and mental health in an easy to navigate format.

The latest release includes features that farmers said they most wanted:

  • New 3D terrain and a ‘vegetation cover’ (fractional cover) data set, allowing users more data points to inform land management and see changes in their land without the need for drone imaging 
  • Test run capability, the option to try out the tool first without creating an account
  • Automatically drawn farm boundaries and improved boundary editing functionality
  • Expanded coverage of environmental resilience assessments for more regions and commodities, including tropical fruits, vegetables and new regions for cattle and sheep
  • Self-assessments for severe wet weather and bushfire preparedness.

Assess your farm’s resilience at: https://fal.cn/3unnj