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Actions and Achievements Reports

The Victorian Catchment Management Authorities Actions and Achievements Report provides a standardised ‘output’ approach to reporting actions delivered annually by each of the ten Victorian Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs); through partnerships with government agencies, industry, land managers and the wider community.

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North East Landcare annual report cards

These report cards provide a summary of the the achievements of Landcare and Community Natural Resource Management Groups and Networks in the North East over the financial year nominated.

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Victorian Landcare 2017-18 Achievements Report

The Victorian Landcare 2017-18 Achievements Report provides an overview of the breadth of sustained community effort undertaken by many thousands of Landcare group/network members, landowners and environmental volunteers across the state in 2017-18, including those in the North East.

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Landscape Condition Report 2015-16

Implementing the Regional Catchment Strategy; Monitoring and Responding to Catchment Condition Trends; Catchment Condition Indicators

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Biochar Capacity Building Program Report

Understanding and observing the benefits of biochar in the carbon cycle.

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