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Our Catchments Our Communities Strategy

Our Catchment
Our Communities

Integrated Catchment Management in Victoria 2016-19

Integrated catchment management

Integrated catchment management recognises that land, water and biodiversity are all part of a connected environment that spans from the top of a catchment down to the coast and related marine environments. It acknowledges the intrinsic values of our environment and that healthy catchments underpin regional economies and provide social and recreational benefits for the community.

Our Vision

Healthy, sustainable and productive land, water and biodiversity maintained through integrated catchment management that is strongly community based, regionally focused and collaborative.

Our Goals and Actions

Through Our Catchment, Our Communities, we will work towards:

  • Effective community engagement in catchment management
  • Better connections between state, regional and local planning
  • Strengthened implementation of regional catchment strategies

The strategy's 10 actions to achieve these goals:

  • Strengthen the diversity and equity of community representation in the catchment and land protection advisory system
  • Strengthen community engagement in regional planning and implementation
  • Ensure alignment between state, regional and local plans that impact on land, water, biodiversity and regional catchment strategies
  • Incorporate key improvements for integrated catchment management in the next round of Regional Catchment Strategies
  • Implement an investment framework that supports the coordination and accountability for the delivery of regional catchment strategy priorities
  • Improve regional investment processes to strengthen the engagement of regional partners in priority setting, allocation of funds and leveraging
  • Improve accountability of catchment management partners
  • Strengthen coordination between key catchment management partners
  • Improve state and regional catchment reporting
  • Ensure the evidence base, including research and development, and monitoring, evaluation and reporting, supports and informs planning and adaptive management.

To download a copy of the strategy and for more information regarding the plan, please visit http://delwp.vic.gov.au/water/governing-water-resources/our-catchments,-our-communities