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Indigenous Heritage

 North East Catchment Management Authority 

Reconciliation Statement

North East Catchment Management Authority (North East CMA) values Aboriginal people who live in or have a connection to North East Victoria who provide a unique and rich depth of cultural knowledge that is passed from one generation to the next.

North East CMA values relationships that are built on respect and trust with Aboriginal people and recognises this is fundamental to our collective well-being and building enduring partnerships. The partnerships established and maintained will be based upon genuine respect for Aboriginal people and their culture.

These partnerships create opportunities towards closing the gap by integrating traditional cultural knowledge, modern management techniques and science to continue caring for country in North East Victoria.

North East Catchment Management Authority commits to:

  • acknowledging the past injustices and present day inequalities between Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal people;

  • working towards “Closing the Gap”;

  • actively listening to and involving Aboriginal people in planning, decision making for caring for country in North East Victoria;

  • recognising the mutual benefits of working together for shared outcomes; and

  • valuing and respecting the connection between Aboriginal culture and country.

Aboriginal Participation Guidelines for Victorian Catchment Management Authorities

The Aboriginal Participation Guidelines for Victorian Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) were officially launched by Angus Hume, Chair of the Victorian Catchment Management Council, on 14 September 2016.  These guidelines, along with the associated Implementation Plan provides a clear framework for CMAs to strengthen partnerships with Traditional Owners and Aboriginal communities, while allowing for the differences between regions and communities.

Both the guidelines and the implementation plan are available from the links below, or in hardcopy at our office.

Aboriginal Participation Guidelines for Victorian CMAs.pdf

Aboriginal Participation Guidelines Implementation Plan.pdf


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