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North East Landcare report card 2013-14

With the large numbers of separate groups across the region, it is difficult to show the full range of activities and achievements delivered by Landcare and related community groups.

For this reason, the North East CMA produces an annual Report Card, summarising the achievements by Landcare and related community groups across the region.

This Report Card is available as downloadable document, and this page outlines the key achievements listed in the Report.

North East Landcare Report Card 2013-14 

Download the 2013-2014 North East Landcare Report Card

2013-14Achievements snapshot

Compared with previous years, there were significant reductions in available project grant funding for Landcare in 2013-2014. However, the support of the Local Landcare Facilitators enabled groups to continue to deliver many community events involving large numbers of people in Landcare activities. In 2013-2014, groups achieved the following:

13-14 Achievements detail

Landcare and community groups in North East Victoria are seeking to improve the environment and address emerging challenges by completing on-ground works and building community skills. 

Among other funding, groups utilised Victorian Landcare Grants to undertake a range of projects including protecting native vegetation and water quality, and controlling pests and weeds. Most of these were undertaken with support from landholders and volunteers, with delivery completed over multiple

Environmental Improvements

To see the full report, please use the download link above.