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River Tender

River Tender is an auction style incentive program helping landholders take practical steps to protect the environmental health of one of Victoria's most significant rivers - the Ovens.

Through River Tender, eligible landholders can submit individual or group "bids" to undertake environmental restoration works on the land they manage. Examples of works include weed control, managing stock access, building fences, installing off-stream watering points and protecting native vegetation. River Tender funding is allocated to works that offer the best value for money, not simply the lowest bid.

To date, 62 landholders and land managers have utilised River Tender funding to protect almost 140 kilometres of frontage and more than 1,300 hectares of floodplain along the Ovens River and it's significant tributaries.


Comparative Evaluation of the Effectiveness of River Tender.pdf

Case Study.pdf