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Flood Recovery

Welcome to the Flood Recovery Page

There have been a large number of people impacted by the 2016 flooding, and North East CMA have received a high volume of enquiries relating to flood recovery since last year. To date there have been more than 420 sites assessed for flood damage throughout the North East, with 56 sites approved for Commonwealth Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) funding as of February 2017, and a second submission for 38 sites submitted in April 2017.

NDRRA funding is provided to assist communities in the recovery process and to alleviate damage experienced as part of a natural disaster. Approved sites met the NDRRA eligibility criteria of repairs and protection of essential public assets. Essential public infrastructure is defined as an integral and necessary part of the states infrastructure which is associated with health, education, transport, justice or welfare, which if lost would severely disrupt the normal functioning of a community and would need to be replaced as a matter of urgency.

The inspection period for NDRRA funding has now ceased as we have submitted our final claim to the Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF).


Flood Recovery Works Progress

As of June 2018, over 70% of works have been completed or commenced under the NDRRA Round 1 and NDRRA Round 2. A further 20% of sites are yet to commence.  Works have commenced at the larger sites at most risk of significant damage and community impact if further flooding occurs. For a full update on the progress of works you can read the October 2018 Flood Recovery Update.

Markwood Breakaway: The completion of a rock chute on the Ovens River downstream of Pioneer bridges in Markwood has rectified a major breach impacting on multiple public roads, river crossings and landholders. Recent high flows in the Ovens has seen the rock chute over top with water on several occasions, providing a controlled outflow in the Markwood flow path and allowing sufficient water to stay in the Ovens channel, helping to maintain channel capacity and improve flood protection to landholders downstream. North East CMA staff have been happy with how the structure has operated during high flow periods and will continue monitoring throughout Spring. For more information, you can read the Flood Recovery Works at Markwood Media Release and view photos from construction and 'over topping' below.

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    A dedicated team has been established to work on the Flood Recovery Program. You can contact the team directly at floodrecovery@necma.vic.gov.au or Phone 1300 216 513.