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Flood Recovery

About the program

The Flood Recovery Program of the North East Catchment Management Authority (CMA) oversees the provision of the Federal Government's  Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) funding to assist communities in the recovery process and to alleviate damage experienced as part of a natural disaster.

Following the 2016 flood impacts, North East CMA was successful in obtaining funding for over 60 sites across the region. This funding has enabled the CMA to undertake repairs to impacts on essential public infrastructure (largely erosion control and repair works) at sites including bridges, roads, culvets and formal levees. North East CMA is using additional flood recovery funding from the Victorian Government to complete activities and works that are not eligible under NDRRA, this includes fencing and revegetation to protect structural works and high priority erosion sites.

Flood recovery works

As we near the end of the NDRRA funding program, 94% of works have been completed and the remaining 6% of sites are in progress. All works funded under NDRRA are on target to be completed by the program deadline of 30 June 2019.

An update on the progress of current works is available in the January 2019 Flood Recovery Update. Regular updates are provided and can be located under the newsletters section of the media and resources hub of this page.

Media and resources hub


Final Flood Recovery Update 2019:  This is the final Flood Recovery update which provides a summary of the program.

January 2019 Flood Recovery Update: Further progress on structural works and reviewing the impacts of the December 2018 flash flooding

October 2018 Flood Recovery Update: The fencing and revegetation component of works is progressing. Structural works are expected to recommence by late October.

August 2018 Flood Recovery Update: Flood Recovery Team hosts National Tree Day across flood affected sites.

June 2018 Flood Recovery Update: Flood Recovery works have progressed into June!

April 2018 Flood Recovery Update: Most NDRRA 1 sites scheduled to commence before June and NDRRA 2 approved.

February 2018 Flood Recovery Update: Works have recommenced in 2018 under the Flood Recovery Program.

Summer 2017 Flood Recovery Update: Flood recovery works are well underway! Last update from the Flood Recovery Team for 2017.

Spring 2017 Flood Recovery Update: Stay up to date with the progress of flood recovery works, funding updates and what's coming up.

Winter 2017 Flood Recovery Update: A winter update explaining works being undertaken and commencing, funding update and an overview of the Flood Recovery Team.

Media releases


Contact us

A dedicated team has been established to work on the Flood Recovery Program. You can contact the team directly at floodrecovery@necma.vic.gov.au or phone 1300 216 513.