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Murray-Darling Basin Seminar Series

The Murray-Darling Basin Seminar Series (MDBSS) promotes communication between local institutions and people interested in the environment, ecology and natural resource management in our region.

Development of fish passage technology in the Lower Mekong and Murray-Dalring Basins. Supported by the Murray-Dalring Freshwater Research Centre.

Indigenous Fire Forum

Join the North East Catchment Management Authority and the Kiewa Catchment Landcare Group for the Indigenous Fire Forum. Presenters include Professor Bill Gammage, Author of the multi-award winning book; "The Biggest Estate on Earth - How Aborigines made Australia" This event will be delivered by Traditional Owners, Landcare & Country Fire Authority.

Wagirra Twilight Market

Celebrate of the launch of the Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk with Aboriginal art stalls, cultural workshops, short films on the BIG screen, live entertainment and guided bus tours to see the Yindyamarra sculptures and more....

Is it a native grass or not?

This event is hosted by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries and Huon Creek Landcare Group and is supported by the North East CMA and Australian Government projects.

RSVP: For more information or to register for catering please contact Kylie Macreadie on 0260 43 7900 or email kylie.macreadie@depi.vic.gov.au



Identifying grasses growing in my paddock

Identifying what you have growing in your paddock is the key to knowing how you can use it and how to manage it. Do you know if you have native grasses or weeds growing in your paddock? Do you know if you have plants on your property that are toxic to animals?

Restoring the Morass and Lake Omeo - Project Catch Up #2

Join the North East CMA and Water Technology to continue the conversation about the development of a management plan for the Morass and Lake Omeo. You can be part of the conversation about processes, project aims and objectives and stakeholder commitment to the project.


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