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Celebrate Soil Symposium 2015

Wednesday 2nd September 9am - 5pm 2 Sep

The 2015 Soil Symposium will explore current research, extension and on farm practices occurring across Australia into the world of soil. The key topics will include soil chemistry, soil biology and soils physical structure. The program has been developed in partnership with Murray Local Land Services,  Soil Scientists Australia and the North East CMA through funding from the...

Deer Information Session

Managing deer in the landscape 3 Sep

Deer are now embedded in the local area and are having increasing impacts on agriculture and natural resources such as water quality and native forests. They are classified as a game animal and have regulations around their management. This workshop will discuss what landholders can do to manage deer, look at options for control on public land and how the community can work with hunters to...

2015 NATIONAL WATER WEEK Poster Competition
7 Sep

2015 NATIONAL WATER WEEK Poster Competition


The National Water Week Poster Competition is on again! Primary School students are asked to create a poster reflecting water related issues which are important to them. This is a great activity in the lead up to National Water Week. Last year over 4,600 entries were received from Victorian Primary Schools. Great prizes to be won by both the students and the school.

Upper Ovens Flood Study, Community information session, Bright
7 Sep

Upper Ovens Flood Study, Community information session, Bright

Share your flood stories

The North East CMA invites community members to drop in on an information session for the Upper Ovens River Flood Study. In particular we would like to hear from residents who have experienced flooding first hand and have personal anecdotes and photographs to share. This information will be used to inform flood mapping for land use planning and emergency response.