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Flood Watch and and Flood Warnings: Stay up to date

Widespread rainfall across north-eastern Victoria has brought a smile to many faces but little in the way of significant flooding to the region’s streams.

The rainfall, which was of relatively low intensity over a sustained period, allowed substantial replenishment of soil moisture and recovery of catchment dams after the recent dry spell. Despite rainfall totals between Sunday 8th and Tuesday 10th May approaching 300mm (Mt Buffalo) and 50-150mm more generally: stream rises have not been significant overall.

Caution is still required, with the Kiewa River recording minor flooding and current wet catchment conditions. North East CMA, in conjunction with the lead agency for flood response (SES) and the Hume Region Emergency Management Team, will continue to monitor potential for flooding in the North East catchments due to the wet current conditions.

If nothing else the weekend rainfall supports the theory that “every flood is different!”

For the latest information, refer to www.emergency.vic.gov.au

Potential Impact In Your Area

The potential local impact of this flooding in your area may include:

  • River levels may remain high for days or even weeks
  • Local roads may be closed and bridges may remain underwater
  • Low-lying areas may still be flooded or cut-off by floodwater

What You Should Do

  • Stay informed - continue to monitor local conditions and be aware of the situation
  • Be aware of road hazards such as mud, debris and damaged roads or bridges
  • If your home has been flooded, all electrical and gas appliances should be checked by a licensed technician before you use them
  • When cleaning up, wear strong boots, gloves and protective clothing, and wash your hands and clothes regularly
  • Floodwater is dangerous - never drive, walk or ride through floodwater
  • Floodwater is toxic - never play or swim in floodwater

Emergency Contacts

  • For flood or storm emergency assistance from SES call 132 500
  • For life-threatening emergencies call Triple Zero (000)

Additional Information

Road Closures: www.vicroads.vic.gov.au phone 131 170
Weather Warnings and River Heights: www.bom.gov.au phone 1300 659 217
SES Information: www.ses.vic.gov.au
Recovery Information: www.recovery.vic.gov.au

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