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Riparian Incentives


Please refer to the Riparian Incentives information brochure below for eligibility criteria, guidelines and rates for the Incentives.

Riparian Incentives information brochure   
(pdf file)


Incentives are available to landholders and community groups within the North East CMA area of operations and must meet the eligibility criteria below. These criteria relate to work type, standards of construction, location and ongoing management arrangements:

    • Landholders must have management rights over the proposed project site.
    • To be eligible a community group must provide evidence that they are a Committee of Management for the proposed project site.
    • Applications will be deemed ineligible if the proposed site is currently subject to an existing Incentive Management Agreement, tender agreements, offset sites for permitted native vegetation removal (either on-site or third party) or any site receiving management payments for biodiversity conservation and restoration works under a current agreement with the CMA.
    • Any activity deemed by the North East CMA to be largely for private asset protection or maintenance are ineligible.




    Expressions of Interest must be received by 5pm on Wednesday 31st August 2016.

    Once the Expression of Interest period has closed a preliminary assessment of eligibility will be made and projects may be shortlisted according to the information they have provided.

    All applicants will be contacted to arrange a site inspection if eligible.  At this site assessment the project officer will confirm the proposed works with the applicant and the potential funding that may be available in accordance with incentive rates for the 2017 program, as indicated below.

    All site assessments will occur between August and October 2016.  Once all the site assessments have been completed, projects will be ranked against specific program criteria and assessed by an Incentives assessment panel.

    Applicants will be notified in writing during December 2016 if their site has been successful or not.

    Time frames for completion of project funded works may be between 9 - 20 months. This will be negotiated with the applicant and the North East CMA but all projects must be completed by 1st December 2018.

    How are Expressions of Interest assessed? 

    Projects are ranked against each other using the following criteria:

    Criteria Score
    Size quality and threats 25
    Priority Waterway or Wetland 25
    Project Size 10
    Incentive $ offered per Ha 15
    Length of riparian area protected 15
    Linkages to other works & quality sites 10
    TOTAL SCORE (max.) 100

    You can check if your site is a Priority Waterway or Wetland below or by referring to the maps on page 33 (Fig. 12 - Priority Wetlands) and page 34 (Fig. 13 - Priority Waterways) of the North East Waterway Strategy.


    Those projects that rank the highest using the above table are offered funding. There is no minimum or maximum funding amount set, as we do not want to limit this, but people need to be able to be realistic about the amount of work they can do and co-fund.     

    Applicants also need to agree to the conditions of the funding, including the restriction on the type of fences that will be be funded and agreeing to enter into a 10 year management agreement for the site. 

    Sites that have received funding under another incentive project or existing management agreement or receive payments (over the previous 10 years) are ineligible for funding.

    Common reasons for projects not receiving funding:

    • Other sites score higher overall;
    • Site is not located on a priority waterway and did not score high enough in other areas;
    • People do not consent to entering into a 10 year management agreement.



    Incentive Rates

    The following rates are from the 2016 Incentive program and it is expected rates will be similar in the 2017 program. Once confirmed, rates will be updated on this website.

     Activity 2016 program rates 
     Standard fencing  $8/m
     Standard electric fencing  $5/m
     Modifying an existing fence  $2/m
     Revegetation tube stock  $3.50 each (capped at $2,500/ha)
     Nest boxes  $60 each (capped at $300 per site)
     Direct Seeding  Up to $1,500/ha
    Off stream watering point (50:50 cost share)  Up to $3,000
     Mechanical woody weed removal  Up to 60% of cost (capped at $10,000)
     Active bank erosion management (50:50 cost share)  $2,000 per site

    Payment of funds

    Previously, payment of Incentives funding from the North East CMA has included 50% upon signing of management agreement and 50% upon completion of works and site inspection. The North East CMA recognises that this does not suit all landholders and is moving to a more flexible payment system.

    In some circumstances, where agreed to by the applicant and the North East CMA the payment schedule may be negotiated to a milestone approach. On signing of the management agreement, 50% of the incentive funds will be paid, with the remaining 50% to be paid in two blocks - 25% upon completion of the first major milestone (fencing or revegetation) and the remaining 25% upon completion of all works. Once all management activities have been completed and final inspection of the site has been undertaken by the North East CMA. 

    Please note that failure to complete the works within the agreed timeframe or to the standard specified in the management agreement will require repayment of all incentive funds.

    Need further assistance?


    If you have further questions, please call the North East Catchment Management Authority
    on 1300 216 513.