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Reintroduction of Macquarie perch into the Ovens River

Reintroduction of Macquarie perch into the Ovens River

Join DELWP and project partners at the Tarrawingee Reserve for the release of adult and sub-adult Macquarie perch.

RSVPs to Glen Johnson by 21 April: glen.johnson@delwp.vic.gov.au or 0418 501 936

See attachment for further details and location. 

Macquarie perch Macquaria australasica and trout cod Maccullochella macquariensis are native species which were historically abundant in the lower and mid Ovens River. Both species have undergone dramatic declines to the point where they were considered locally extinct in the Ovens River, and are now formally listed as nationally endangered species.

A recent intensive stocking program accompanied by robust scientific research resulted in the successful re-introduction of a now self-sustaining population of trout cod in the Ovens River. Macquarie perch are next in line, with a five year stocking program using fingerlings produced by Fisheries Victoria at the Snobs Creek fish hatchery and direct translocations of sub-adult fish from the healthy Lake Dartmouth population. The fingerlings and translocated fish will generate a range of age and developmental stages similar to that which exist in natural populations. This is an important first step toward re-establishing a self-sustaining Macquarie perch population with the long-term goal of creating a sustainable recreational fishery for the species.

This program forms part of a multi-agency and community approach to restoring the Ovens River and its native fish populations.

This project is supported by funding from the Australian Government, DEPI Hume Region and DEPI’s Victorian

Environment Partnerships Program (VEPP), the Victorian Government’s Recreational Fishing Initiative and the NECMA.

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