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Autumn planning - pasture and fodder options

Monday 18 March 2019, 10am – 2:30 pm

Agriculture Victoria is inviting producers to a free workshop. This event includes commercial agronomists who will advise producers on selecting suitable species, and management for winter grazing and spring fodder conservation. There will also be a session on livestock nutritional requirements and feed budgeting, presented by Agriculture Victoria.

Producers will have the opportunity to talk with company representatives and discuss fodder options that are directly applicable to their own farms. Producers will be given clear information around what options are available for either grazing or fodder conservation, how and when to establish, when to graze.

Nick Linden – Agriculture Victoria, Livestock requirements and feed budgeting
Tom McCooey – Pasture Genetics, Short term ryegrasses and pasture options
Damien Adcock – Heritage Seeds, Cereal and brassicas for conservation or grazing
Darren McCormick – NorMac Landmark, The big three considerations; plant nutrition, pests and weeds.

Where: Tarrawingee Hall, 1114 Great Alpine Rd, Tarrawingee Vic, 3678

Catering: Lunch will be provided. Please advise of any specific dietary requirements.

Registration: To register or for more information, please contact Ian Gamble at Agriculture Victoria Rutherglen, on 0437 362 620 or ian.gamble@ecodev.vic.gov.au

Author: Katie Bowker

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