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Managing your livestock enterprise

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SEMINAR 1: 25 March, 8pm – 9pm
Establishing a Stock Containment Area (SCA)
Introduction to SCAs

Site assessment, design and construction

Benefits of using a SCA

Introducing and releasing stock from SCAs

SEMINAR 2: 1 April, 8pm – 9pm
Farm water supply:

Understanding your farm water requirements

Assessing current farm water supply

Identify and map potential improvements in
your farm water supply

Planning for future challenges

SEMINAR 3: 8 April, 8pm – 9pm
Livestock feeding and nutrition in dry times:

What are your animals’ energy requirements?

Understanding the true value of your feed

Introducing new feed/rations to livestock

Animal health considerations

SEMINAR 4: 15 April, 8pm – 9pm
Pasture recovery after rain

Will I need to re-sow?

When can I stop supplementary feeding?

Getting the balance right for stock and
recovery of pastures.

Top tips – what to watch for after the rain;
weed and stock management.
Author: Katie Bowker

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