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Thursday, 18 April 2019

Winton Wetlands Science Restoration Forum

Winton Wetlands Science Restoration Forum

The theme for the 2019 event is ‘Connecting People with Nature’. This theme emphasises the role of nature in both ecosystem health and human health. We are interested in both the restoration stories and how these have helped connect people with nature.

We are planning to feature talks and workshops examining the role of nature and ecosystem restoration in providing opportunities for connection with nature, such as walking, canoeing or cycling in nature, volunteering in restoration projects and citizen science and the impacts these can have on wellbeing, health and mental health of participants.

 Our keynote speaker will be Professor Pierre Horwitz from Edith Cowan University, who is currently a Professor in the School of Natural Sciences. With research interests in wetland ecosystems, health and sustainability, he is involved in research on environmental management projects in Australia, the South Pacific and South-East Asia, aiming to better understand, and address, the social and environmental determinants of human health and well-being.

Pierre is currently on the Ramsar International Convention on Wetlands’ Scientific and Technical Review Panel, where he is providing detailed input and coordination for the Convention's theme on Wetlands and Human Health. As an example of Pierre’s work, a recent article published by The Conversation illustrates “how urban bushland improves our health and why planners need to listen”

The 2019 Forum will offer an excellent opportunity to hear speakers from a range of organisations and provide a platform for people to speak about their own projects, nominate their own selection of speakers and get involved in new activities as part of the Forum. There will also be opportunities to view other activities happening on-site such as the indigenous cultural trail, landscape art installations, bike trails and kayaking to name a few.

Calling for papers: If you would like to contribute a paper to the event please email lance.lloyd@wintonwetlands.org.au

with a title, and a short paragraph on your topic. We want to hear your story! Further information and registration information to follow soon.

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Author: Katie Bowker

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