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Monday, 14 November 2016

Flood study nears completion

10 Nov 2016

s the Wangaratta Flood Study nears completion North East Catchment Management Authority (CMA) reflects on events that led to its development and thanks the community for their ongoing support.

In 2013 the North East CMA established a Wangaratta Round Table which involved a range of regional partners including the Wangaratta Council, VicSES, the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning, and Painters Island Caravan Park to name a few. This round table group started with a focus on the flooding and maintenance issues with the levee around the Caravan Park, which through the round table process saw maintenance works to the levee undertaken by the responsible authority, Council.

Another action in 2013 from the round table was for the CMA and Council to continue to cooperate to secure funding to complete a comprehensive flood study. Funding was successfully secured, and a flood study is currently in development. The Wangaratta Round table continues to be facilitated by the North East CMA as an opportunity to increase collaboration between partners and to assist with addressing local issues.

Natalie Dando, Manager Statutory Planning with North East CMA, said there has been recent interest in the outcomes of flood related engagement activities in 2013.

"Recent reports in the media regarding flood studies are creating some confusion for residents and it's important to note that there is no 2013 Wangaratta Flood Study." Said Ms Dando, "Action taken in 2013 had led to the detailed flood study we are in the process of completing."

The new flood study for Wangaratta is close to being finalised. The study has involved reviewing flood mapping for Wangaratta and updating flood intelligence for use in emergency response such as recently experienced where draft data was tested in a real time event to check accuracy and relevance. The study will give the Wangaratta community a better understanding of flood risk, which will improve land-use planning, flood emergency planning and response, and community preparation.

Neil McCarthy, North East CMA's Chief Executive Officer is appreciative of the community's contribution to the study. "The community has provided terrific photographs and information towards the study. We really appreciate their efforts in assisting us to develop better flood data for Wangaratta"

The CMA and Council are looking forward to sharing the information with the community, in the final community meeting on the flood study that is expected to be held before Christmas.

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