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Flood Recovery Program Update

LANDHOLDERS and recreational river goers across the King Valley through to the Upper Murray may have noticed lots of activity along their favourite stretches of river recently. North East Catchment Management Authority’s flood recovery program has hit high gear, addressing damage to essential public infrastructure which occurred during the October 2016 flood event.

Landcare Victoria and Vic Catchments sign landmark MOU

Today marks a milestone for Landcare Victoria Inc and Catchment Management Authorities across Victoria with the signing of a landmark MOU to strengthen natural resource management and sustainable agriculture

Waterway Incentive grants announced

THIRTY-FIVE Waterway Incentive grants have been awarded to groups and individuals under the North East Catchment Management Authority’s 2017-18 Landholder and Community Grants program.

Cool season burning (24 June 2017)

These films capture the Cool Season Burning Masterclass that was held on 24 June 2017.

Public Notice - Temporary closure of 'Jack's Hole' picnic area & section of Cherry Walk

On Monday March 19, North East Catchment Management Authority will commence works at Jack's Hole picnic area to address major river bank instabilities resulting from the 2016 flood event.