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Catchment Coordinator – Staff Overview

North East Catchment Management Authority
Catchment Coordinator – Staff Overview

Community Survey - North East Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) Mid-term Review

The North East CMA is interested in capturing what the community see as major achievements over the last 3 years in natural resource management and identify emerging issues and gaps.

Effective grower vigilance in the fight against chestnut blight

An eagle-eyed Ovens Valley grower who was concerned about a chestnut tree on their property
has helped Agriculture Victoria confirm the presence of chestnut blight.

Food Policy & Strategy Discussion Paper

The new North East Victoria Local Government Policy & Strategy Discussion Paper presents an overview of food system issues in the North East region and highlights opportunities for the development of local government food policy and strategy to support a thriving regional food system.

Flood investigation project extension increases mapping and modelling detail

North East Catchment Management Authority (North East CMA), Rural City of Wangaratta and Water Technology wish to advise that the Wangaratta Flood Study has been extended for an extra three months to the end of September 2016.