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Floodplains & Waterways


Waterway management

Catchment Management Authorities have specific responsibilities for waterway management under the Water Act 1989.

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Works on waterways

Works and activities in, under, on or over the bed and banks of designated waterways in Victoria require a permit from the relevant Catchment Management Authority.

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Floodplain management

The North East CMA plays an important role in the development of flood studies and floodplain management plans.

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Flood emergencies

The Victoria State Emergency Service is the control agency for flooding in Victoria.

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Crown land water frontage

Crown land water frontage

Twenty percent of Victoria’s 128,000 kilometres of water frontage is Crown land. A riparian management licence for a Crown water frontage recognises that all or part of the frontage is being managed by licensees to protect and improve the riparian environment

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Environmental Water Resources

The Environmental Water Resources Program funds an Environmental Water Resource Officer to undertake the Environmental Water Reserve (EWR) responsibilities outlined in the CMAs Statement of Obligations.

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Levees on Crown Land

In the North East region, landholders can now apply to North East CMA for a permit to access and maintain existing levees on Crown Land in order to actively reduce the flood risk to their property by undertaking levee maintenance years before a flood occurs. Previously, landholders needed to seek approval under several different land acts.

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