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Report waterway issues on Snap Send Solve


You can now report the following waterway issues to the North East CMA via the Snap Send Solve app.

  • A site of prior CMA investment is damaged or under threat (eg, pile fields, rock beaching)
  • Debris in the waterway impacting of waterway health (eg, tree blocking river)
  • General river health issues

This app allows you to take a photo of the issue which is georeferenced and sent to the North East CMA as well as your description of the issue. This allows CMA staff to get an accurate location and understanding of your issue.

Upon receipt of the report, it is reviewed to see if the issue best fits with another agency or is a CMA issue.

Log onto Snap Send Solve and report a waterway issue

To report a waterway issue, call 1300 216 513 or (02) 6043 7600 OR use the form below.

Click on the black square below then enter the location of the issue.

After you have entered the site address click the blue Next button located at the bottom of the map.

How do I report a CMA issue?

Once in Snap Send Solve, select "Creeks and Rivers" as your incident type, then select from the following:

  • Erosion of waterway
  • Trees blocking waterway/s
  • Waterway health

How do I get Snap Send Solve for my device?

When you download the Snap Send Solve app, reporting is quick and easy if you see an issue while you are out and about. You can let the responsible authority know with only a few taps.

1. Click on SnapSendSolve or download the app to your phone or mobile device via Apple App Store or Google Play 

2. Snap Send Solve answers a series of Frequently Asked Questions including how the app works, what problems can be reported and how to provide feedback to an authority including the North East CMA.