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Bridging the Feed Gap - Investigating Gibberelic Acid

Hosted by Mudgegonga and District Landcare with support from North East CMA

Strategic and well planned use of Gibberelic Acid may have the potential to help close the winter feed gap or reduce the impact it has on farming enterprises.

Jack, Christine and Teresa Hicks and Jake Howman invite farmers to a have a look at trials they are conducting using Gibberelic Acid, on pasture growth over late winter and as an alternative to urea. They will compare tradition growth with treated growth rates and also look at dry matter production, pasture quality and milk production values as a result. This product is new to most people in this district but is gaining recognition as a means of boosting late winter pasture growth for grazing and hay.

The day is split between the 2 sites on Wednesday 3rd of September 2014:

Jack, Christine and Teresa Hicks — Dairy site — Starting 10.30am at 4198 Kiewa Valley Hwy, Dederang

and continuing with a sausage sizzle at 1.00pm at

Jake Howman’s — Beef site — 1732 Happy Valley Road, Rosewhite

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