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Autumn count for Wild Pollinators

Watch a flower, record what you see, and be part of the next count for the Wild Pollinators project commencing Sunday 12 April. 

Each count should take ten minutes, and participants can do as many counts as they can until Sunday 19 April, mainly on fine days (as most insect pollinators don’t like poor weather). 

The Wild Pollinator Project website has Frequently Asked Questions and other resources to help identify the insects seen. Participants can also share their photos of pollinators on the iNaturalistpage, or on social media via #ozpollinators 

Participants can join anywhere in Australia, through their backyard, a pot plant, or a balcony garden. You can even watch a dandelion in your footpath. Just name the plant - you don’t need to know its scientific name. 

The organisers understand not all people can join in this time, because safety is a priority while we are all staying home, and don’t travel to parks or reserves to look for flowers.  

If you are unable to contribute for the Autumn count, the next count will be in November - please join then. 

Stay safe and well and hope you enjoy getting to know the insects in your neighbourhood. 

Read more on the Wild Pollinator website


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