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Friday, 6 August 2021

Draft North East Regional Catchment Strategy open for public comment until 31 August

The draft North East Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) provides a long-term vision and blueprint for investment into and management of natural resources for north east Victoria. It reflects the responses of those who live, work, visit and connect with the region, who were asked for their vision for north east Victoria’s land, water, biodiversity and community resources.

The draft web-based RCS is now available for public review until 31 August on the Engage Victoria website at https://bit.ly/3yjzaYJ. The North East Catchment Management Authority (CMA) leads the development of the RCS, but the whole-of-region strategy is not owned by any single organisation. It has been developed collaboratively with Traditional Owners/First Nations, community, Landcare and other government agencies.

North East CMA Chair Leanne Mulcahy said the North East RCS explored the many trends and impacts expected to affect north east Victoria in the coming six years.

“These present both opportunities and threats. Key to our success is the capacity for our communities, land managers, industry and partners to plan for these impacts and to work together to strengthen our region’s resilience,” Ms Mulcahy said.

Part of the renewal of the North East RCS has seen the development of a series of vision statements for north east Victoria. These statements reflect the long-term vision to 2050 for the four themes of land, water, biodiversity and community, and for eight local landscapes.

Public consultation for the draft North East RCS on the Engage Victoria website includes a short online survey. The feedback will be analysed to identify any required changes to content or strategy direction, prior to the finalisation of the RCS. The survey closes on 31 August.

Five online workshops will be held throughout August, providing an opportunity for general and targeted feedback to each of the four themes of the draft North East RCS – land, water, biodiversity and community. Details of the workshops and how to register are available on the draft RCS website at https://northeast.rcs.vic.gov.au under the “DRAFT for consultation – Have your say” selection tab.

Established by the Victorian Government to provide to provide a blueprint for NRM at a regional level, the RCS has evolved to consider how people and place are entwined, what drives change and how to deal with opportunities and threats to create resilient landscapes.

The North East RCS renewal will be finalised in September before it is endorsed by the North East CMA board and submitted to the Victorian Government for approval.


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